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such a great animation...

and screenplay and sfx and voice acting and everything... whyyyy did it have to be stick figures!??

muwahahahah xD

you know... the disclaimer-like author comments should actually say that these videos are in Mexican Spanish... I really wonder how much do spanish and southamerican ppl understand of it... lots of Mexican slangs :D

A huevo puto!!! \o/ 6/6 15/15 :P

Darkar responds:

Do you really think I should warn people that speak Spanish, about this being in Spanish? I think you just gotta get used to watch different stuff. :P

............ yeah you're probably right... I'm lame.

for god's sake

not "Requiem for a Dream" theme for god's sake >_<... that's probably one of the most overused tracks in animations and videos... almost as much as Matrix theme..

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I agree...

In my opinion, the song is very very listenable and it did not tire me at all... but it does seem like you used exactly the same notes on all synths.... only the cello-ish sound is doing the bass for it... other than that, the rest are synths doing the same notes...

It could use some more work, some more harmonies, maybe some synths to do different tunes in second voices for example... It could become awesome.

Catboi responds:

Cool, yeah I was a bit lazy with this one. I may try and edit it and upload a new version. :D Thanks for the review.


Even though it's repetitive, it's not tiresome at all, I find this minimalist and very very soothing... good job

landscapers1 responds:

imo the success of this song is the piano I did.

great track~

Well.. I was going to make a more complete review but adompeace said most of it already :)... Then again, this is a great track, but I've liked others better.

I think I understand the feeling, I've released tracks myself which I've really enjoyed making and got the feeling that something was acomplished, something new, something improved, kinda hard to explain, but my only guess is that sometimes this things can only be felt by the composer/producer himself or someone really really in touch with his work (or even his feelings), so I would get feedback like "yeah it's cool... but your track *title_here* is still my fav from you...", in the end the taste of the listener plays a bigger role for feedback :).

The piano intro lacks something, I am not sure what exactly, I find it too simplistic but that my have been your purpose. The synth was just great IMO, and I totally agree that this track deserved a more energetic climax :).


DJOrsa responds:

Yeah, you hit the nail on the head, man.
I think I made this song more for me than my listeners, I suppose. :p

Once I get situated again, I'll start looking at this song and see if I can improve it some.

Thanks a lot for this review. :D

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